Travel and Entertainment Policy

A policy used to ensure that all Employees have a clear and consistent understanding of policies and procedures for business travel and entertainment on behalf of the company.

Travel and Entertainment Code of Conduct

This tool enables the company to conduct its business consistent with the highest standards of business ethics.

Expense Reimbursement Policy

A tool used for answering compliance questions concerning technology usage, cell phone usage, office product purchases, personal articles, gifts, favors and con-cash awards.

Travel Expense Voucher

This tool is a user friendly pro forma for recording travel and expense data for reimbursement.

Travel and Expense Automation RFP

A tool to be used as an example of an RFP to automate the travel and expense processing activity in the company.

Taxable Relocation Expense Form

Taxable and non-taxable relocation (moving) expenses are reported on a XXXXXX basis by the Office of Disbursement Services.

Mileage Log and Template

The Vehicle Mileage Log can be used to track mileage of your vehicle for tax or other business tracking purposes.

Delegation of Authority Form

This form can be used to by departments to establish delegations of authority for expense approvals, as necessary. 

Allowable Expense Form

This is an Allowable Expense Form template.

Want to Control Expenses? A Corporate Card Program and Third-party Audit Are Key

If you had the ability to access the data from over 100,000 expense reports from more than 50 organizations, it would probably reveal some interesting and useful insights into the ways companies,...

U.S. Bank Freight Bill Lookup is 'instant' success, with more than 5,000 signed up to use the service

Freight carriers are giving an enthusiastic reception to U.S. Bank Freight Payment's new Freight Bill Lookup application, with more than 5,000 signed up to use the service since its introduction in...

U.S. Bank Fleet Virtual Pay enables fleet payments virtually anywhere

U.S. Bank is expanding its fuel solutions program to include cardless single-use accounts with U.S. Bank Fleet Virtual Pay.

On the road: The latest in T&E expense technology

Business travelers and AP professionals might dream about a faster, easier way to submit expense reports, but integration into a seamless soup-to-nuts travel and expense management system is at least...

AOC Solutions gives KeyBank customers greater transparency into card transactions

AOC’s one-stop online payment platform to be white-labeled Key2Purchase; KeyBank’s business customers to benefit from greater Transparency into card transactions
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