Financial operations is an evolving entity; an ecosystem that changes as it grows in complexity. There is a hierarchy of core disciplines that drills down, level by level, to the tactical functions that comprise our individual professions.

Each of us plays a role in the continued evolution, as part of an interconnected network of opportunities and challenges. The financial health of the companies and clients we support is dependent on our ability to work together efficiently and effectively.

The Institute of Financial Operations serves the entire expanse of this shared ecosystem.  We live and breathe the intricacies of receipts, working capital and payments, and the advancements in information management, data capture and automation that are changing our world forever.

Flexibility is key to continued growth. The willingness to adopt new technologies and embrace process improvements is vital to the future of our industry. Being able to perform our individual roles with greater proficiency creates stronger, more fiscally secure organizations overall.

We all contribute in important ways. Click here to download the "Financial Operations Ecosystem" now.