How can I prepare?

The CAPP and CAPA exams are designed to emphasize the important tasks and duties in accounts payable. A thorough knowledge of the curriculum materials and basic academic study skills are required. Preparing for the CAPP or CAPA exam is a self-paced process. Therefore, the duration of study time required will depend on the individual. However, The Institute of Financial Operations recommends at least three months of study time before sitting for one of these exams.

As a CAPP or CAPA candidate, you need options for study preparation.

Now you have them and they are as easy as 1...2...3!

1. Study manuals

The study manual is an essential part of the preparation process for the certification exam. Check out the enhanced versions of both the CAPP and CAPA Study Manuals, recently released with the latest industry intelligence. 

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CAPA Certification Study Manual
CAPP Certification Study Manual


2. Certification exam review series

Join the The Institutes' certification exam review series to help simplify the vast amount of study materials and gain insight from an AP expert with many years of professional experience. These knowledge-packed sessions provide a domain-by-domain review. You can select individual domains of pertinence to you, or take advantage of the entire series at a discounted package price. Register now for the Self-Study CAPP or CAPA Certification Exam Review Series!

Eli Cooper, Baylor Healthcare Systems, attended the exam review webinar series and said: "Coming from a nonprofit background, our staff had virtually no experience with tax. The CAPA webinars were able to breathe life into our weakest domain and create real-world examples to our textbook knowledge. Thank you again!"

3. On-site certification review program

Let The Institute of Financial Operations come to you! Build a customized exam review program and have us bring the training to your office through our On-Site Training Program. Your course will be delivered by an AP expert and leader of more than 900 seminars worldwide. Visit On-Site Programs to learn more!

Jonathan Ward of Business Strategy Inc., participated in an on-site review at his company: "The facilitator provided helpful stories and real-world examples during our on-site presentation."

Additional resources to help you prepare for the certification exams are listed below...

CAPP/CAPA LinkedIn Groups

Join The Institutes' certification LinkedIn CAPP or CAPA group for up-to-date information and developments in our certification programs.

Certification Exam Preparation Packets

Certified Accounts Payable Professional (CAPP) Exam Preparation Packet

Certified Accounts Payable Associate (CAPA) Exam Preparation Packet