Nearly 30 basic AP course offerings have been assembled for your on-site organizational training.  Keep in mind that your team can mix and match offerings, as well as request specific training topics to meet your needs!  New courses are continuously being offered, so click on the link above to check out our most up-to-date listing.

On-site AP topics

The Institute has assembled nearly 30 basic AP course offerings for your on-site organizational training.  Keep in mind, your team can mix and match and also request specific training topics to meet your needs!  Check out the top picks below:

  • AP Benchmarks & Metrics
  • AP Best Practices
  • AP Internal Controls
  • AP Leadership Skills
  • Dealing with Change
  • Evaluated Receipt Settlement
  • Fraud Awareness for AP Associates
  • Fraud - Sarbanes/Oxley
  • General Ledger - Financial Closing Best Practice
  • Getting the Most From Your P-Card
  • Implementing a P-Card Program
  • Improve Your Procure-to-Pay Program
  • Optimizing Working Capital
  • Order Revenue Management
  • Other Best Practice
  • P-Card Seminar
  • Procurement Card
  • Project Management for AP
  • Shared Services & Outsourcing
  • Shared Services, Offshoring, Outsoucing
  • T&E Best Practices
  • Writing Policies & Procedures

How do I schedule an on-site training session?

Contact a representative from The Institute to build your organization's ideal program today! We will provide customized package options, pricing, and confirm availability.  To get started, email us or call us at 407-351-3322.