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Title: Best Practices for Successful Accounts Payable Customer Service
Date: February 21, 2018: 2 - 3 p.m. EST
Speaker: Phil Binkow, CEO, Financial Operations Networks
Description: Accounts payable activities touch thousands of stakeholders including vendors, employees, management and government entities. This session will cover current proven practices for delivering superior service to AP's customers.

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Title: The Accounts Payable Quality Metric You Musn't Ignore Any Longer
Date: March 21, 2018: 2 - 3 p.m. EST
Speaker: Eric Hayes, Regional Vice President, FISCAL Technologies, Inc.
Description: Your transactions will not always match, and as a result, your invoices will not be 100% error-free and without defect. These mismatches are exceptions. Are there common error sources that you should be mindful of? Yes, absolutely. Are there also common ways of eradicating these defects? Yes, absolutely. It's imperative, therefore, for you to understand how exceptions occur, where they originate from, what options you have for identifying and correcting exceptions, and how, over time, your costs of processing transactions can be driven down significantly as you improve this very impactful Accounts Payable metric, your Percentage of Exceptions. This presentation will walk you through research and analysis, highlighting some key areas for your review, while also offering advice on where to start with respect to eradicating these defects from your organization.

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Gail Walkup, CAPP
Supervisor, Accounts Payable
Peninsula Regional Medical Center