Leadership Development Webinar Series


Join Ed, "The Rainmaker", Robinson for an IFO exclusive five-part webinar series on Leadership. Attendees will learn how to empower themselves and make changes, the pros and cons to leadership styles, and how to influence and impact all generations.

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Non-members: $595
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Session 1: Leveraging Millenials to Win the Leadership RACE

Is your organization experiencing the talent management shift? Are the generations in your company being challenged by new ways of doing business, different values and changes in behavior? Are your leaders effective at driving high performance results? This high impact program cultivates the best in your millennials by showing leaders how to embrace and leverage the generational differences within your company. Ed will share how millennials and other generations effect succession planning and organizational performance. Participants learn to understand the key strategies they need to use as leaders, coaches and mentors to produce high payoffs in their staff. They will leave the program enthused, motivated and empowered to take action!

Session 2 & 3: Leadership Empowerment and Managing Change

Uncover your own meaning of Leadership, success and powerful ways of being. Ed will share the 5 critical skills necessary to be perceived as a Leader in your organization. These skills will help you achieve your successes in life as well as help you pursue professional excellence. This program will inspire and help you identify the extraordinary gifts you have to pass on to others. Understand the financial professional's role and how to be role models who illuminate valuable roads for those we lead. Such illumination helps to develop in others integrity, clarity and ultimately strong and personal leadership. Learn how to motivate and empower those you lead, gain skills to achieve greater performance in others and to cultivate an attitude of professionalism and responsibility.
Learn why and how to develop leaders in your organization. Identify people who can be considered part of the succession plan when the management team retires. Develop people to understand the core leadership competencies, successfully develop people and grow.
Learners will discover….
  • The 4 key characteristics of a leader 
  • The 5 core competencies of leaders 
  • What motivates the leader in people
  • Various types of leaders
  • What demotivates the leader

Session 4: Leadership Styles (Pros and Cons)

Do you understand your boss' leadership style? Do you understand your leadership style? Better yet do you know that all styles have pros and cons and come from our prior programing and conditioning? This high impact program cultivates the best in your leaders and shows you how to serve as role models to enhance organizational performance. Besides developing leaders for success, this program also helps to accomplish more objectives with greater results at a faster pace than ever before. Participants learn to understand the key strategies they need to use as coaches and mentors to produce high payoffs in their staff with little or no expense. You'll learn how to recognize different styles including you own. Participants leave the program enthused, motivated and empowered make a difference.

Session 5: Creating Influence and Impact to All Generations

Financial professionals need to be perceived as leaders in any organization and/or any industry and should have the ability to influence others. Therefore, this program will be a highly interactive and assists participants to use a 6 step process to influence key players in your organizations. Ed will provide over a dozen ideas, processes and strategies to influence not only your organization, but also all five generations that you have in the workplace. These practical strategies are learned and practiced for immediate use as a result of this program.

Additional Information

Field of Study: Personal Development

Program Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: None
Successful completion of this program qualifies you to receive up to 5.0 CPE credits and a Certificate of Completion.