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Why is Abandoned and Unclaimed Property Important to Accounts Payable (and Accounts Receivable)?

Robert Joseph Jr., Director - State and Local Taxes, PwC
Meg Taylor, Manager - State and Local Taxes, PwC

Description: This 50 min session will provide the basic fundamentals of abandoned and unclaimed property, while providing a special focus on what AP and AR professionals should really focus in on. We will cover the compliance regulations, audit landscape and current litigation and legislation.

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Cost:  Members $0 / Non-members $60

Three-Way Matching in the Real World: Tips and Tools (Webinar Replay - TTW December 2018)

Matt Brodsky
Solutions Consultant
Chrome River

Description:  Companies which need to use three-way matching for invoice processing face a bewildering choice of options. Whether it's manually matching POs, invoices and shipping orders, processing them through an ERP solution, outsourcing the process or using a dedicated cloud-based solution, it can be difficult to navigate the landscape and know what solution best suits your specific needs.In this webinar, Matt Brodsky of Chrome River will discuss what key features organizations should look for when making their choice of solution.

Cost:  Members $0 / Non-members $60

Form 1099 and 1042-S Leading Practices (Webinar Replay - TTW November 2018)

Kelli Wooten
Managing Director

Description: Complete and accurate Form 1099 and 1042-S reporting is more important than ever before as IRS penalties continue to increase. Come learn about industry best practices for making sure your data is ready to support efficient information reporting processes and how to review information reporting to flag any issues prior to reporting.  

Cost:  Members $0 / Non-members $60

Documenting Your Vendors - U.S. & Foreign (Webinar Replay - TTW October 2018)

Jill Dymtrow
Moss Adams

Description: When making payments to vendors, collecting the proper documentation is key. Documentation is the cornerstone of ensuring proper withholding and reporting for your vendor payments. Collection of proper tax certifications could save your organization or vendor thousands in tax withholding and penalties. Learn when Forms W-9 and W-8 are required and the best practices for validating each of the forms.

Key takeaways for this course are:

  • How to determine when a tax form is required

  • Key elements for determining the validity of the forms

  • Translating tax documentation into withholding and reporting requirements

Cost:  Members $0 / Non-members $60

Payment Strategies: Driving Costs Out and Bringing Revenue In (Webinar Replay - TTW September 2018)

Jason Turner
VP, Solution Consultant
Commerce Bank

Description: In this session, we will examine the payment strategies that can be utilized to convert check payments into electronic payments and incorporating revenue opportunities as well. We will discuss which suppliers would be open to which payment methods and the best practices for approaching your supplier base. We will also cover the additional benefits payment strategies can bring and how to achieve results.

Cost:  Members $0 / Non-members $60

A Professional's Guide to Accounts Payable Audits (Webinar Replay - TTW August 2018)

Mitch Blau
Principal and Senior Consultant
Payment Solution Advisors

Description: In addition to the potential for found revenue, an audit of your accounts payable transactions can yield valuable insights into your process and reveal issues you didn't know were occurring. During this webinar we will discuss what an audit of accounts payable should include and the types of monies and issues that may be revealed.  

Participants will learn what to expect before, during, and after the audit process, and how to best approach and manage the audit to make the most of the opportunity. Insights will be provided into what it will take to both perform an audit on your own and/or bring in an outside firm in terms of time and resources. Finally, we will talk about how to select an Accounts Payable Recovery Firm and what important points to focus on to assure a successful project.

Cost:  Members $0 / Non-members $60

Disrupter or Distractors in Financial Technology (Webinar Replay - TTW July 2018)

Chris Elmore

Description: What tech trends should you be paying attention to as a finance professional? This session will help see real change in technology and give ideas on how to look at that change differently. The point behind this section is to take the fear out of technology change.

Cost:  Members $0 / Non-members $60

Assessing the Value of Your AP Shared Services Department (Webinar Replay - TTW June 2018)

Peggy Marks and Josh Morrison
IFO Board of Directors

Description:  In today's business environment, we are all being challenged to do more with fewer resources. Many leading organizations have moved to a shared services model in accounts payable, allowing their organization to benefit from consistent processes and scalability. However, how do you know if your Accounts Payable Shared Services Department is realizing the value it should?

Join us for this session which will lay out what to look for in order to perform an assessment of the effectiveness of your Accounts Payable Shared Services Group; presented by members of your IFO Board of Directors, all seasoned Accounts Payable Shared Service Experts, for this insightful discussion on how to drive incremental value to your organization.

Cost:  Members $0 / Non-members $60

Mobile Apps: Advancing Commercial Card Programs Forward (Webinar Replay -  TTW May 2018)

William Kniering
Commercial Card Sales and Relationship Management
MUFG Union Bank

Description: According to comScore's 2017 Cross Platform Future in Focus report, the average American adult (18+) spends 2 hours, 51 minutes on their smartphone every day. Companies can now leverage what is already in the hands of their employees, their smart phone, to administer card programs and adhere to regulatory requirements. Mobile technology for cards can now meet the growing expectations of a consumer experience with the stringent control of a corporate card program.

Mobile technology has become a part of everyday life and is accessible 24x7. Learn how to apply mobile technology to your card program:

  • Streamline card administration using workflow approvals initiated through the mobile app
  • Create self-servicing for cardholders enabling them to turn their card "off" when not in use, update their address, and even report their card lost or stolen – all from the mobile app
  • Increase the speed of communication with notification of fraud alerts, payment due dates, travel notifications, and other critical information
  • Reduce regulatory risks by allowing cardholders to accept terms and conditions 

Cost:  Members $0 / Non-members $60

Managing the Fun Stuff:  How to Hire the Best Employees and Motivate Them to Succeed (Webinar Replay -  TTW April 2018)

Chrys Olson
Adventures Payable Manager
Natural Habitat Adventures

Description:  Have you ever hired a great candidate whose evil twin showed up to work for you? How did that happen? Maybe you interviewed for a job you were perfect for and didn't get it. Why? How much fun would it be to manage and work with a team of motivated, happy individuals? Learning objectives will include:

  • Targeting interview questions to meet your expectations
  • When the best candidate might not be the best employee
  • Rewarding without creating entitlements
  • Best use of recognition and rewards for employee motivation

Cost:  Members $0 / Non-members $60

Do's and Don'ts of Choosing a Payment Automation Solution Provider (Webinar Replay - TTW March 2018)

Brent Meyers, VP of National Sales

Description:  Between bank solutions for payments, card programs, and cloud-based software, it's hard to know whether you're getting what is promised. Make it easy with this checklist to guide your decision-making process to learn the difference between cloud software and a full-service payment solution with ongoing vendor enrollment, a payment guarantee, and the appropriate security credentials.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Learn why a true payment automation solution offers more than one type of payment (ACH, card, and print-check). 
  • How SOC and PCI compliance standards protect your vendor's sensitive information.
  • Get a rundown of payment compliance and security standards to ensure your desired solution is up to par.

Cost:  Members $0 / Non-members $60

Abandoned and Unclaimed Property Emerging Issues (Webinar Replay - TTW February 2018)

Heela Popal, Principal & Brandi Wendt, Manager

Description:  With states targeting companies both large and small in all industries for protracted unclaimed property audits, companies could experience a significant drain on internal resources and a negative impact to their bottom line as a result of an audit. The states see unclaimed property as a way to balance their state budgets through increased unclaimed property compliance efforts.  It's a way for states to raise revenue without raising taxes. The interactive session will include discussion of best practices in regards to risk management, compliance and governance associated with unclaimed property.

Cost:  Members $0 / Non-members $60

Emerging Trends in AP: The Ins and Outs of Integrated Payables and Virtual Cards (Webinar Replay - TTW January 2018)

Presented by:

Jack Sevier
Director of Product Management-Corporate Payments
Comdata, Inc.

Description:  Finance professionals are being increasingly called upon to provide strategic leadership to identify ways to eliminate cost and increase efficiencies, plus ultimately provide bottom line improvement. Ironically, financial operations are often neglected in this effort and outdated technology and manual processes are left in place, despite the fact that tremendous improvement opportunities exist.

Cutting edge AP departments are starting to embrace an emerging solution called integrated payables to automate their processes while also converting payables from a liability into an asset. Sound exciting?

Join us as we answer the following questions:

  • What is an integrated payables solution and how are virtual cards a key component?
  • What are the benefits of an integrated payables solution?
  • Is this solution right for our organization?
  • How do I find the right integrated payables system?

Cost:  Members $0 / Non-members $60

Building a Bulletproof Accounts Payable Operation (Webinar Replay - TTW December 2017)

Presented by:

Brian Rosenberg
Chief Executive Officer
TRG Consultants

Description:  Controls are essential to a strong AP operation. Too many controls slow down AP operations, delaying payments. Too few controls leave the organization exposed to errors and fraud. Segregation of duties can conflict with customer service needs and the desire to get work done quickly and efficiently. How do you establish the proper balance?

In this webinar, attendees will learn how to use controls and segregation of duties to build a bullet-proof AP operation without compromising the efficiency of AP operations or the ability to deliver excellence in customer service. They will also learn common controls that are ineffective, and the not-so-common controls that are the best protection against those looking to take advantage of weaknesses in the AP process.

Cost:  Members $0 / Non-members $60

Card Opportunities: A Matter of Risk Versus Transaction Size (Webinar Replay - TTW November 2017)

Presented by:

Ramona Hall
Card Program Consultant
MUFG Union Bank, N.A.

Description: Companies successfully driving growth to their card programs are looking at opportunities for card usage differently.  Card transactions are no longer a matter of size but targeting low "Risk" transactions; driving transactions to the right purchase "Channels" and coordinating efforts between purchasing and account payable.  Leveraging a new approach to evaluating your card program can deliver the growth and ultimate rebate for your company.

You will :
  • recognize that low risk transactions belong on card regardless of transaction dollar amount.
  • target purchase channels, such as catalogs which are appropriate for card usage.
  • coordinate purchasing and accounts payable efforts to promote card payments

Cost:  Members $0 / Non-members $60

1099 Updates (Webinar Replay - TTW October 2017)

Presented by:

Kelli Wooten, Director
CTI Tax Solutions by IHS Markit

Description: eLots of changes have been happening in the Form 1099 reporting space and some interesting legislation working through Congress means more change may be on the horizon, including an increase to the $600 Form 1099 MISC non-employee compensation threshold for reporting. 

Join us to learn all about these changes and how to stay in compliance.

Cost:  Members $0 / Non-members $60

Five Critical Skills to Empower Leadership (Bonus October 2017 Webinar Replay)

Presented by:
Ed Robinson
Robinson Performance Group

Description: PUncover your own meaning of leadership, success, and powerful ways of being. Ed will share the five critical skills necessary to be perceived as a leader in your organization. These skills will help you achieve your successes in life, as well as help you pursue professional excellence. This program will inspire, and help you identify the extraordinary gifts you should pass on to others. Understand your role as a professional and how to be role models who illuminate valuable roads for those we lead. Such illumination helps to develop in others integrity, clarity and ultimately strong and personal leadership. Learn how to empower those you lead, gain skills to achieve greater performance, and to cultivate an attitude of professionalism and responsibility in others.

As professionals, we need to be perceived as leaders in any organization and/or any industry, so you should have the ability to influence others. Therefore, this program will be a highly interactive and assists participants to use a six-step process to influence key players in your organization.

Cost:  Members $0 / Non-members $60

The Problem with Evaluating Innvoation (Webinar Replay - TTW September 2017)

Presented by:
Chris Elmore

Description: With technology becoming more and more prevalent, it is becoming difficult to understand the impact. What makes matters worse is the companies that create these innovative applications (which are designed to make your life better) do a terrible job of explaining why they are important.

Never fear! This webinar will help you cut through the noise and have you land firmly on whether you should use the technology.

You will learn:

  • what it means for technology to be innovative.
  • how you can determine if it can help you.
  • why service providers don't know their innovative qualities.

Cost:  Members $0 / Non-members $60

The Evolution of Card: Clearing the Confusion with New Electronic Payment Solutions (Webinar Replay - September 2017)

Presented by:
Robin Anderson, MBA
VP, Program Card Consultant
MUFG Union Bank, N.A.

Description: Are you confused about all of the new E-Procurement tools? There are so many different names for the new products and providers have a tendency to say they are the best tool available today with no reconciliation. But, are all tools the same? Which ones create reconciliation and which ones do not?

Join this informative webinar to help you know what you are being sold and what you may be signing up for, reconciliation and how to avoid or reduce your reconciliation burden.

Cost:  Members $0 / Non-members $60

Holy Smokes Batman! How to Become an Accounts Payable Superhero (Webinar Replay - Comdata July 2017)

Presented by:
Meitra Aycock,  VP of Product Management
Comdata Corporation

Description: Does it feel like someone is always sending up the AP bat signal? While fighting crime may not be in your job description, AP leaders are faced with a myriad of challenges. Not only are you expected to operate with fewer resources, you're expected to provide more data and spending insights. 

Cost:  Members $0 / Non-members $0

Measuring and Driving Success in AP & Procurement Operations with KPIs (Webinar Replay - TTW June 2017)

Presented by:
Brian Rosenberg, CEO
TRG Consultants

Description:Key Performace Indicators and Metrics provide your AP or Procurement operation with vital information that you can use to measure success and drive process improvement.

Cost:  Members $0 / Non-members $60



Beginner's Guide to Making Payments to Non-U.S. Vendors (Webinar Replay - TTW May 2017)

Presented by:
Kelli Wooten, Director
CTI Tax Solutions, a division of IHS Markit

Description:  The rules for making payments to foreign vendors under 1441 are complicated and broad and continue to evolve.  Learn the basics of identifying foreign payees, and determining the character and source of income paid so that you will be primed for compliance with these commonly-audited regulations.

Cost:  Members $0 / Non-members $60

Using Data Analytics to Drive AP Success (Webinar Replay - TTW April 2017)

Presented by:
Candace Jaramillo, AP Supervisor
QEP Resources

Description:  In A/P numbers can tell us a very interesting story.  Have you ever read the story of your A/P department?  This session will cover some ideas for data analytics and show you how one company uses numbers to manage workloads and staffing.

Cost:  Members $0 / Non-members $60

Electronic Payment Essentials and Beyond for AP (Webinar Replay - TTW March 2017)

Presented by:
Robert Unger, Senior Director of Product Mgmt. & Corporate Relations, and Amy Morris, Senior Director of ACH Network Rules, NACHA

Description:  The ACH Network is a major artery for financial payment and information exchange in the United States.  Last year, nearly 22 billion consumer, government and business-to-business payments worth nearly $40 trillion flowed through the network. This session will focus on how AP professionals can leverage the ACH to improve payables, cash management and customer service processes.

Topics include:

  • An overview of ACH network payments/Procure-to-Pay functions and features
  • Best practices for payment initiation, remittance information, and promoting trading partner adoption
  • Featuring key emerging opportunities like International and Same Day ACH

Cost:  Members $0 / Non-members $60