It always pays to help others succeed

You already know about all the valuable resources here at The Institute of Financial Operations. Why not give your friends and colleagues the same advantage? Refer them to become members, become certified or to access our research studies and you'll both benefit.
  • US $25.00 for each successful referral.**
  • There is no limit on the number of referrals you can make or the amount you can earn.
Anyone – and everyone – you know in the financial  industry can benefit from what we have to offer, whether they specialize in accounts payable, accounts receivable, automation, document management or procure-to-pay.
* Be sure to ask your friend or associate to include YOUR name in the "Referred By" field when completing their membership order so that you will receive your reward. Or ask them to forward you a copy of their confirmation to share with us for submission.
** To be considered a successful referral, the individual being referred must sign up for  a Premium Individual Membership and the referring individual must be an active member of The Institute. If you are unable to accept prizes due to your company policy, you may include the name of a charity organization and we will provide the donation to them on your behalf.
*** Rewards are processed quarterly.