Meet Red Katz Meet Red Katz

Experience. Energy. Insight. Relevance. Humor. Impact.
Yes… All in one speaker.
Meet Red Katz.

Business Background

Entrepreneur and professional speaker Red Katz empowers your organization to achieve more by helping your people rediscover, recharge, and reboot their passions – unleashing more profits, higher productivity and greater performance.

Forget motivational speaking, this is motivational "peaking"- Red's big breakthrough was the discovery that PASSION is an organization's most precious and underutilized resource. 

As an entrepreneur, Red has built 3 different organizations, hired, fired, motivated, coached, and managed hundreds of people. His own business experiences have taught him that top performers all share the following X-factors of success:

  • Positive, "I can do it no matter what" attitude

  • Powerful passion

  • Strong support system


Among his many accomplishments Red has built businesses, motivated large teams, raised capital and streamlined processes to dramatically exceed revenue and profit objectives. Red built "The Accessories Place" into a major vendor of fashion accessories with multimillion dollar sales and double-digit year over year profitability.

Red's past work experiences include:

  • Sales Executive at New York Accessory Group

  • Founder and President of The Accessories Place

  • Founder and President of Mazz NYC Inc.

Red's personal passions are… 

His friends and family, playing racquetball, The Mankind Project, and traveling.