2016 Call for Nominations now underway!


Volunteering with The Institute of Financial Operations can be a rewarding way to positively impact your personal life and professional career. There are many opportunities – and reasons – to contribute your knowledge and enthusiasm for the greater good of all members.

Personal and professional advantages

  • Expand the scope and influence of your professional NETWORK.
  • Gain a GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE from thought leaders in different cultures and environments.
  • Grow your LEADERSHIP skills through high-profile volunteer positions.
  • EXPERIENCE the full scope of the financial operations industry by partnering with others.
  • LEARN about new roles and responsibilities beyond your current position.
  • Realize personal GROWTH through collaboration within diverse team settings.
  • Receive feedback and RECOGNITION from members, volunteers and headquarters staff.
  • Build lifelong FRIENDSHIPS during fun and exciting volunteer experiences.
  • GIVE BACK to your profession by sharing your expertise during events, meetings and discussions.
  • Enjoy a sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT through meaningful and rewarding volunteer activities.

International opportunities

Each November, we nominate and approve candidates for various international board and committee openings. 

Chapter officers and committees

Local chapter officers and committee members serve two-year terms with accountability for meeting planning, discussion forums and membership recruitment drives at the local level. Comprehensive tools, templates and events are provided to support and promote effective chapter leadership. Contact your local chapter regarding elections for the two-year period beginning January 2015.

Local chapter volunteers

Local volunteers are needed on a regular basis to help with chapter meetings and special programs. Opportunities include:

  • Hosting a meeting at your location
  • Providing refreshments or door prizes
  • Delivering a presentation
  • Starting a chapter in new location

For more information about how you can get involved, contact us at info@financialops.org.