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Ready or not
Be not afraid of change. Some create change, some embrace change, and others have change thrust upon them. You’re right. That’s not at all what William Shakespeare wrote in Twelfth Night . But when I started thinking about all the changes already happening in this first quarter of the year, The Bard’s quote about greatness resonated. That’s because in both my personal and my...
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Challenge your comfort zone
One of the best things about being a journalist is learning about all kinds of things. I remember back in college at a career day, an alumna of my university said she chose journalism precisely because she couldn’t decide what to study. Journalism gave her the opportunity to learn “a little about a lot of things.” I chose journalism some 30 years ago because I like to write. I’m a word nerd...
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The magic of tax reporting circa 2014
Handling corporate tax reporting in today’s changing legislative environment might feel like trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat when you’re not a magician. Sure, the classic magic trick is easy for someone like David Copperfield, who’d be laughed off the stage if he tried something so basic today. His profession has changed, and magic tricks now have to involve pyrotechnics, an underwater...
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When you've got it ...
Ah, fall and all its glorious colors. I live in Florida, where there’s really no difference in the weather or the appearance of the foliage between the end of summer and the beginning of the next season. So we have only one way of knowing for sure that autumn has arrived: college football! When all the universities started sporting their colors on Labor Day weekend, it sent a feeling...
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What’s my deadline?
“I do my best work under deadline pressure.” “He’s a deadline worker by nature.” “Some people are just ‘deadline people.’” I’m sure you’ve heard those or similar statements, or maybe you’ve said them about yourself. I know I have. Journalists are notorious “deadline people.” I think it’s because of a combination of the characteristics of people who are attracted to this profession, and the...
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Nested Portlets Nested Portlets


By: The Institute

The Square: It’s just a swipe away!

GUEST BLOG BY VERONICA BREZINA Being a food blogger and contributing writer for Financial Ops magazine, I know it’s a bit of a reach due to the very obvious difference in the two topics that...
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By: Chrys Olson

Slow down and breathe!

When did 30 seconds become too long to wait for something?  We’re measuring speed in milliseconds now.  A millisecond is a thousandth of a second.  The blink of an eye is about 400...
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