The Institute of Financial Operations Announces Four New Board Members

Orlando, FL - The Institute of Financial Operations (IFO) announces the appointment of four new Members to its Board of Directors, as well as the full slate of Officers and Board Members for 2016.

5 Reasons to Break Free from the Cubicle and Grow Professionally

We believe you cannot grow personally and professionally without the right tools and resources. Do you have all the tools and resources in your office you need? Look at the 75 educational sessions at...

Remittance Coalition rewrites playbook with B2B directory

Has your accounts payable department ever opted for paper-based payment methods because you lacked the information necessary to pay electronically? The Remittance Coalition is changing the game.

Going global: Implementing AP processes internationally

Your organization may not yet be an international concern, but with globalization it could become one soon. If you are already global, there are countless reasons to implement consistent AP processes...

Has late payment culture spelled trouble for global businesses?

Defensive cash management may be more endemic in B2B transactions than previously suspected, with ramifications for buyers and suppliers alike, according to the results of a recent study by Basware...

What do coffee cups and lower exception rates have in common? The QR Code

Everywhere we go lately, there are these new, crazy-looking barcodes that are completely different from every other bar code we’ve seen. First of all, there are no bars. Instead, there’s a chaotic...

Look alert! How to spot and stop fraud on the shipping and receiving docks

The procure-to-pay cycle should be of particular concern to management because it constitutes a wide swath of business activity to leave vulnerable to the dirty work of dishonest employees or...

The FATCA Monster: Actually, not such a bad guy for most accounts payable departments

On July 1, the FATCA Monster finally came to life. Time to hide under the bed? Not really. FATCA isn’t likely to harm you. In fact, some of the byproducts of FATCA’s creation may make your life...
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