Business credit reports rate the odds of customers paying on time – or at all

To protect themselves, AR departments are increasingly turning to credit scoring models – a type of rating similar to a consumer credit report.

What AR can do when customer's bankruptcy looms

AR professionals increasingly find themselves negotiating with customers to receive even partial payments, but bargaining is better than chasing the customers into bankruptcy court, experts say.

Complications of tax compliance

On the surface, sales and use taxes appear more straightforward than income taxes. But in fact, they can be quite complicated if you buy and sell a variety of goods and services in multiple tax...

Aligning AP and procurement

When you step back and examine the relationships between procurement, finance, and suppliers, it’s readily apparent that AP needs to act as the hub around which all three operate.

Can portals open doors to discounts?

The supplier portal concept is taking hold as more organizations move toward adopting the technology that lets vendors get online to do what they traditionally have handled by phone, fax, mail and...
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