The Institute's Resource Center includes more than a thousand resources which include briefings, case studies, policies and procedures, research, tools and templates, whitepapers, and more! This search feature will help you find exactly what you are looking for through a variety of filter options in just three easy steps. 

  1. Just select the TYPE option on the left navigation column, which will automatically render only resources for that type.
  2. Next,  just select CATEGORIES that you are interested in on the right side navagation bar. You can select as many as you want by clicking on the topics. You can also choose "all" to broaden your search. 
  3. Then, sort and modify to further refine your search - located at the bottom of each page where it's rendering results.


  • Just use the ADVANCED SEARCH bar in the top navigation area from any page to type in any keyword you are interested in to retrieve the available resources site wide (this includes Resource Center tools, web pages and articles from the news portal).


  • Go to our Home page and click on any one of the Topics of Focus to retrieve a list of all available items in that category, which you may then further filter by type and sort in order of your preference.
  • Vist our Ask the Experts section to submit a financial operations question which will be submitted to our team for response.
  • Send us an email and provide us with some information regarding the tool or resource you are looking for and we will respond to you.

Submit a resource of your own for our review and consideration, and possible posting to the library for your use and other members of The Institute.